Everything You Need To Know About Travel Luggage

Planning a business trip with multiple airlines can unlock exciting new destinations and maximize efficiency. But with that efficiency comes the ever-present question: what size suitcase can I bring on each flight, and how much will it cost?

Fear not, corporate traveler! This guide will help you navigate the often-confusing world of multi-airline luggage restrictions and fees, ensuring a smooth journey for your next business venture, retreat, or client meeting.

Carry-on Consistency:

Your trusty carry-on might be your saving grace. Thankfully, most airlines adhere to similar carry-on size restrictions, typically around 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. However, slight variations exist. To avoid any last-minute surprises, always double-check the specific dimensions allowed by each airline on your itinerary.

Here's a pro-tip: Simply search for "[Airline Name] carry-on size" to find their exact requirements.

Checked Luggage Checkout:

Checked luggage fees are where things can get a bit more complex. Airlines often have tiered pricing based on the weight or number of checked bags. Here's a breakdown of typical checked luggage sizes and what to expect price-wise in EUR:

  • Small (up to 158 cm linear): Ideal for short business trips or carrying overflow from your carry-on. Fees typically start around €30 but can vary significantly.

  • Medium (158-198 cm linear): Perfect for week-long conferences or retreats. Expect fees to range from €50 to €100 depending on the airline.

  • Large (over 198 cm linear): Pack for extended stays or presentations with a large suitcase. Be prepared for fees exceeding €100, sometimes reaching €200.

Remember, linear centimeters are calculated by adding the height, width, and depth of your luggage. Most luggage manufacturers list linear dimensions on the tags.

Become a Budget-Savvy Business Traveler:

Here are some ways to keep your luggage fees in check for your next corporate travel adventure:

  • Pack light! Utilize packing cubes to maximize space and avoid overpacking unnecessary items.

  • Consider a carry-on only trip for shorter business ventures. This is a great option for quick meetings or client visits.

  • Choose airlines with generous baggage allowances. Some airlines include a free checked bag with your business class ticket.

  • Book directly with the airline. Third-party booking sites might not always display baggage fees clearly.

The Final Takeaway:

With a little planning and these tips, you can conquer the multi-airline luggage maze and ensure a smooth travel experience for your next business trip, retreat, or corporate event. Remember to check each airline's specific baggage policy before your trip. By packing strategically and choosing airlines with reasonable fees, you can focus on maximizing your business goals without breaking the bank on checked luggage.

Bon voyage!

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